Monday, October 5, 2009

What a weekend!!

The 49ers won a division game 35-0!! WOOT!!

The Mets won - both Sat and Sunday!!

Tony wins at Kansas!!

The IRISH won in overtime! (took a few years off the end of my life!)

The Cowboys lost to the Broncos!! Woot! ( don't care about the Bronco's but my life is better when the Cowboys lose... last week was rough)

There were some downers. Justin Lofton was beaten by Parker Kligerman so is going into the final ARCA race of the season at Rockingham with only a 15 point lead for the championship.

The Aggies got their butts kicked by the Razorbacks.

The Devils lost their opener to the Flyers. Philly blech!

Angies school lost their homecoming game.


  1. and the Steelers won which makes Tom's day at work that much easier!!

  2. I am with you ~ I am a fan of any team that plays the Cowboys. I am a life long Bills fan. Nuff said!

  3. Awewsome sports weekend. I'm right there with you on Dallas :)

  4. and the REDSKINS won....( a win is a win)


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