Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Plant updates!

I went through and picked a lot ( feels like a peck) of peppers, tossed those plants and dumped 3 pots. Left a few plants that had an outside chance of ripening, and Curt is going to finish off this weekend.


I repotted my agave to bring inside - will be a LONG while til tequilla!


I recently aquired the cutest hanging plant called burro's tails.

burros tail

Repotted my diffenbachia


I am horrible at pruning. I end up having to do a catastrophic prune at some point. I usually end up trying to reroot the pieces I can save. That's what I did here. The purple plant had vines 5 feet long with only leaves at the last 3 inches,

purple things and ivy

Here's the pothos I rerooted last time. I put 2 into a hanging basket.


  1. Those peppers are beautidul Ma. Green Thumb. Very nice. :)

  2. Your pepper harvest is wonderful. That is quite a variety.


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