Friday, October 23, 2009

Giant Sock

We knitted on a sock which is going to be entered into the Guiness Book of World Records as the worlds largest sock!

me and vicki sock knit

Vicki and I

min on sock

Min working on the sock.

vickie on sock

Vickie with an E knits her share.

Ok - no more phone calls!! Yes I cut my hair!! What are you people the follicle police? For the record I cut 9.5 inches off my hair. I went to a new lady said - it has to be long enough to make a decent ponytail, and I very very rarely blow dry it!! She apparently didn't realize that you can't donate your hair for cancer wigs if it is more than 5% grey - Mine is about 80% in front 10% in back. And if your hair has been permanent dyed. So mine fails on both counts.

Heading up to CT for a yarn crawl tomorrow and Stitches on Sunday! At least it will be indoors.

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  1. Woot...your famous. Can I have your autograph now? LOL


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