Saturday, October 24, 2009


While I'm off in CT doing the yarn thing, and Curt is living life for the second weekend in a row as a single dad, I thought I'd leave you some pictures of not yet yarn from Rhinebeck!

friendly sheep
This had to be the friendliest sheep. All he wanted was for someone to pet his nose!

mary had a little lamb
These look like the sheep from Mary Had A Little Lamb!

leicester but not blue faced
I love yarn from Blue faced leicester sheep - but this was the closest I saw.

cashmere goats
Cashmere goats!

min's new friend
Min made a friend!

llama w eyebrows

coolest llama
The coolest llama there.


  1. Well if it's all white how do they get colored yarn? Where's the photo of the blue, red....sheep ROFLMAO Wonderful pictures my friend :) Have a good time


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