Sunday, October 4, 2009

Knitting updates

MY Spa Swap partner received her package on Friday, so I can post my picture now:


I spent time yesterday during the Notre Dame game ( they are killing me! winning in the last minute, winning in OT I can't take this kind of stress!!) working on my dancing dishcloth swap ( Grace is the member of the month this month!) and my Halloween swap. Obviously those pictures won't be available for a while,

I finished clue #1 in my She-knits mystery bag. Sharon was really smart and had us do the i-cord first, while we're still all excited about starting and all.

mystery bag clue 1


  1. Looks nice. I could never do that. Looks good :)

  2. Congrats on Tony's win in Kansas today :) WOOT

  3. You did a wonderful job on your swap. I love the colors you chose to make the washcloths in. The I-cord looks great too.

  4. Awesome swap! I can't wait to see the next clue knit up!


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