Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another freakin' hole!!

People who have seen the National Weather Forecast, the last few days, have seen the predictions for a massive, historic snowstorm in the mid-Atlantic region, with stuff from Ohio meeting oceanic moisture yadda yadda yadda.  You should have seen Shop-Rite last night.  I waited until later in the evening but still it was like 3 "fronts" collided.  The people who grocery shop on Fridays (me- but for me it's every other Friday except for perishables so I couldn't push it off much) Super bowl shoppers (also me)  and the OHMYGODIT"SGOINGTOSNOWWEMAYRUNOUTOFMILKBREADORTOILETPAPER! people (totally not me)  I was kinda hoping that last group would have been hunkered down by the time I went, since some forecasters were predicting that the snow would start falling at 7pm.

Can I tell you that when I woke up the first time at 345am there was no snow on the ground?  That when I woke up for real at 7am there was the lightest of sprinklings but no snow falling? Curt staggered out from the bedroom at 845am - no snow!  That I was IMing my friend in Philly and there was snow, and it was still snowing?  SO   I pull up  


Do you notice that white area??  If you look at the whole area it is blue from DC up.  That white area is not snowing!  I am once again in a horrifying snow repulsion vortex!!  Not fair! I want my snow!!!


  1. I'm the friend in Philly! I've been blogged about! I'm famous!!! (or infamous)

  2. LOL..go to KC in Nova's blog or Melli's. You'll get plenty of snow. You poor thing. No snow or not enough LOL. Too funny.

    Shoot Out's today...YIPPEEE!!! Daytona next week. WOOT!!!


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