Thursday, February 11, 2010


Welcome to the February 11th version of Thursday Thunks!

Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!

We pick a subject, and your job is to interpret it anyway you want. Write about it on your blog... simple as that. Maybe you can interpret it as a picture - we don't care!
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This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Berleen, the color of blood, and the number negative 18.

1. Kimber is freaking out because I didn't get the TT done yesterday. I had a busy day. Will you ever forgive me?I'll let it go this one time, but only because the Duals at Daytona is today, and that means the Daytona500 is Sunday. WOOT!  Let the Redneck High Holy Days begin!!

2. So this weekend is Valentine's Day. When you think of yourself and this love-filled holiday, what is biggest memory?  Every Valentine's Day since Angie was little I make a pink dessert on a pink plate for her after school snack.  This year she will be with my mom and brother in Los Angeles.  :'(  sniff.   Oh, right I'll have my husband to myself ;P

3. Pajama pants. Who knew it could have so many fricken opinions. (Seriously... if you don't believe me) Would you... do you... could you wear PJ pants to a store?  My daughter wears her flannel pj pants everywear.  For me to even wear flannel pj pants, they better have a Tony Stewart logo on them- in which case I'll wear them anywhere!

4. I'm gonna give you one of those big heart candy boxes on Sunday. Are you an expert at chocolate candies and already know whats inside them all or will you just take whichever one and enjoy it no matter what is inside or are you one of those people who sticks their finger in the bottom of the candy to see what the filling is then puts it back if you don't like it?  Chocolate??  A piece of chocolate you don't like?  What mean's this??  I am confused by this question.

5. Scented Candles - whats your favorite?  Vanilla, Ocean Breeze, sugar cookie.

6. Snow sucks. We've mostly all been hit. What kind of snow shovel do you have? (The rest of you who live in sunny no-snow places... tell me your favorite sunscreen brand) Shovel... it's red with a wood handle.  Curt does the shoveling, I mean what is the point of being married if you have to shovel??  I have a blue folding shovel in my trunk, in case a plow plows me in.  But no, I really don't shovel.

7. The first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up was "Oh crap. Kimber's gonna be pissed...." then I had a whole bunch of good ideas for questions to ask. Now I can't remember them. Do you keep a notebook next to your bed for times like that?I have thought about keeping a pad - I have some very weird dreams, but can never remember them 15 minutes after I wake up.  Unless I wake Curt up and tell him right when I get up.  But then he gets mad - maybe because I wake up at 230am?

8. Have you ever seen a groundhog in real, you can touch it and it will bite you, life?Yes, I see them scurrying about.  I have never attempted to get close enough to touch it.  So how would I know if it would bite me?  Seriously though, groundhogs are rodents, and like rats and mice , I don't get involved with rodents.

9. Is there any key on your keyboard that is starting to wear off? Which one is it?At home, it's relatively new so -no.  At work my F6 is worn off, because I use it an awful lot.

10. Do you think Kimber should move to Minnesota and take long walks in the snow with Berleen? Well, it does beat making Berleen move to the godawful desert.  Snow is fun and wonderful, deserts have scorpions and other creepy things.

You Are a Blizzard

You are both dangerous but beautiful. People both welcome you and fear you.

You can cause a lot of trouble and even destruction. Some would argue that you're worth it though!

You tend to overtake people and change everything. You aren't subtle, but you are sometimes hard to see through.

There is a quiet and stillness that you sometimes bring. Some find you to be quite peaceful.



  1. Shoveling does stink. Enjoy the Redneck Weekend :)

  2. "Snow wonderful and fun"?? Seriously... I am over winter!!! Have a great Thursday!

  3. Great answer for #1 Gonna miss your baby I see LOL. :) I love your #10. Other creepy things...LOL. Too funny :) You are such a blizzard ... just make sure it snows in your area and that you see no hole in the radar LOL :)

  4. I think I'd rather deal with sun than snow. But I've lived in New England for my entire life. Have a great day...


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