Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thom loves me! ( or at least likes me..... at least a bit)


 My friend Thom from Thom's Place for Well Whatever gave me this award!  I need to find a blog commentors award (  or make one up ) for him!

Thank you soo much!  And I feel sorry for you in all that sun, when I'm getting wonderful snow this week!

Now I have to list seven things about me:

1.  I drink the equivalent of three to four 12 cup pot of coffee every day.
2.  I refuse to drive a car that's not a stick shift.
3.  I don't believe in blindly voting party lines - yet I have never voted for a Democrat.
4.  I have an irrational fear of spiders.
5.  I  always feel bad about amputating  pruning my plants so I wait too long.  I often end up cutting up a plant into cuttings, to make a ton of "baby" plants instead.
6.  I never realized how MUCH curling there is in Olympic coverage. 
7.  I  am still 10 years old in my head.

Now I'm going to pass this on to:

Grace: Lovin Comfort Knits
Liz: Lizzzknits

And to close - the quiz from Thom's blog called me Dopey!

You Are Dopey

That doesn't mean you're a total dope, but it does mean you are sweet and silly - just like Dopey.

You are innocent and playful, but you're a lot smarter than you look. You can be downright wily.

You have a good sense of intuition and often understand what's really going on. You are a keen observer.

Unlike most people, you don't show your hand right away. You keep your cards close to your chest.



  1. Loves ya for sure :) I am so with you on number 3 and your 7 is the bomb!! Number 3 me too :) Instead of being water logged are you coffee logged? LOL I can't believe you drink that much coffee. Do you drink it black or with cream and sugar or just sugar or just cream? Congrats to you my friend. :)

  2. that was cute.. Is that Decaf??and is that ALL spiders?? Lucky you, we all need a friend like Thom♥

  3. yes, every last spider on thos planet terrifies me!

    No I do not like the taste of decaf, yes I can tell the difference. My friends have tried to trick me. It didn't work. Most of the time it's just a splash of skim milk. I prefer really dark smoky roasts. Occasionally I treat myself to a quad venti carmel macchiatto at Starbucks.


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