Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thunks by Teens

Welcome to the February 18th version of Thursday Thunks!

Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!

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This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Berleen's demon spawns (teenagers), the color of snowflakes, and the number 7200.

They are 15 and 13... that is your warning.

And thanks to Bud for reminding us that it was time.

1. Why are computer mouses called mouses?Well, I could be funny, but I actually know the answer - which is kinda funny - thanks to going to geek college.  The mouse was invented by  Stamford Research in the late 70's early 80's and the cord was not on the end with the buttons, so it looked like a tail, with the 2 buttons being ears on the front.  When Apple first brought it out standard in 84/85ish the "experts" said it was a fad that would die in a couple of years!
2. If a guy has no money and he goes into a bar does he get kicked out?Um. as a girl I really don't have the correct experience.  I know back when I was single (thinner & cuter) I never actually needed money when I went into a bar to go drinking!
3. Why does Taryn hate rat terrier puppies?Because they grow up to be rat terriers??

4. Why do polar bears not moo?Polar bears mooing??  That's too funny!

5. Why do people let doves fly at their weddings?Because in the days before catering halls (and since we know there were shot guns at weddings) guests would shoot the doves for dinner.
6. Why are no two snowflakes alike? Ok, seriously - you guys really don't want another science geek lesson do you?
7. Why do people want things that don't work? (ads in newspapers - like junk batteries wanted)I think you should pose this questions to the people that marry useless people.  I have more self-esteem than that.
8. Why do we have to wear shoes at school? My daughter's school allows flip flops. ( I'm kinda jealous because mine didn't - yes there were flip flops back then) As a matter of fact - Curt texted me last week that "my daughter" went to school in flip flops and it was 34 degrees with snow on the ground.
 9. Why do people wear socks with sandals? Two reasons.  A. it is 34 degrees and peer pressure forces you to wear flip flops to school. ( Angie 's fault - she's one of those kids that cause other kids to feel pressure I think) or B. You have a lifelong dream to be a geriatric Italian Old man??
10. Why do we always want bear hugs?because seriously, nothing is better than a big bear hug. ( Let's face it that's why I go to work every day, I get a bear hug from at least 4 or 5 people a day- takes the pressure of Curt after all) 

11. Why do dogs lick people's toes? And why do they like to lick lotion? They are tasting you.  Just in case you decide to stop feeding them , they need to figure out who in the house is tasty.  Lotion is like doggy hot sauce. It makes everything tastier.
12. Why do people get this little thing pierced - as she points to the little thing on her ear.Because, once upon a time, one of those peer pressurizing trendsetters went to get their ears pierced by someone with Parkinson's and needed to pull off having the weird piercing.
13. Why do dogs like to eat out of litterboxes? I'm just hoping your dogs only lick your toes!  Remind me never to let your dog lick me!
14. Have you ever eaten a sandwhich that had really weird things in it?This is a rated PG blog.
15. Why isn't snow purple?Because then guys couldn't write their names in it. And snowmen would look really weird.
16. When the earth was made why was the sky made blue? Seriously Berleen - may want to look into the quality of science education in your local school system.  I don't think the people who read my blog want a lesson in light refraction do you?
17. Why do cats like laser lights?because cat's are like your average knitter.  And have ADHoohhh shiny....

18. When someone invented Santa Clause, why did they make him fat?Dudes seriously?  Like 2 billion plates of cookies?  And I'll bet most of those glasses have whole milk.  No amount of dieting is going to burn those off in 364 days.  Santa has to have some kind of awesome cardiologist elf!
19. What do you think Santa does when he's not making toys? Gets lectures on cookie consumption by the cardiologist elf?  And works out with his personal trainer elf.
20. Why is it that suddenly I don't care anymore? teenagers get bored quickly
21. Why are the healthiest things for you most expensive? If you really look at the cost of healthcare in the US - it's really a pay now or pay later scenario, and really ... it's cheaper to pay now.

I did warn you....


  1. Hey- I like your lessons :)
    Good answers.

  2. So that's why I've had so much Dove Stew at weddings!

  3. This is way cool. I have a crazy day like you with my teen today and...actually everyday!!!! When I am home later this evening, I'll spend more time devouring all your wits :D


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