Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No knit pics, snow day tomorrow? quiz

 Hey!  Got the quiz from Thom's blog.
Really haven't got a lot to show you.  My swap partners haven't received their packages so I can't show you what I sent.  I haven't received my packages so I can't show them to you.  I kinda went a bit overboard signing up for swaps last month - maybe a post holiday letdown?  I've been trying to get all the projects knit up ( I have one more that needs to be mailed in the beginning of March)  before Friday night when the Ravelympics starts.  I  also have to finish at least a square or 2 for the Nascar knitters (GoFastKnitLeft)'s Speedweeks KAL.  Sara being a serious masochist has volunteered to seam the squares into 'ghans for Victory Junction.   That way I can start on my Ravelympics projects on Friday night without having other "need to finish" projects interrupting me.

It's supposed to start snowing soon.  I got a text from Carl earlier that his company is going to be closed tomorrow, so I shouldn't be an idiot and stay at work all day.  I did spend a lot of my morning trying to get ahead so I can go in early tomorrow get my stuff done and get the hell out.  Hopefully I'll be home by 7am so I won't have to deal with rush hour traffic.  We'll see if this "history breAKING BLIZZARD" actually pans out or if I'll be bitching about the hole on the radar again!

You Are Colorful Because You're Outgoing

You tell it like it is, and you tend not to leave any detail out. You have a bold personality.

You're well known for being you, and you wouldn't have it any other way. You let it all hang out.

People appreciate that you can always keep the conversation going. You always have something to talk about.

You aren't a very private person. You reveal the good, bad, and ugly sides of yourself. Luckily, there isn't much bad or ugly!



  1. Oh that is so you. LOL Bitching about the whole in the radar. I love it. I soooo hope you get snow :)


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