Friday, February 19, 2010

Swap Goodies

I know I promised you swap goody pics on Monday - but that was before an unforseen 13 hour day.  And a 14 hour day on Tue.  Which made Wed's 11 hour day feel like a piece of cake!  I am now on day 2 of a very necessary 2 day mental health vacation!!  (how people handle 2 jobs I have no idea).   The delay did have it's benefits though - I had a card in my mailbox that a signature was needed on a package from Canada- my swap package from Chelle!!!  So now you can see ALL my goodies from this round of swaps.

My package from Chelle:
swap from Chelle

There was a Malabrigo sock yarn in Tiziano red, Sockittome in Wild West, stitch markers in red & black :) awesome colors right?  a mini sock/blocker, a tape measure from the Loopy Ewe ( both red) 2 yankee candles - midnight Jasmine and Lavender vanilla, a bath fizzy in vanilla, a Vancouver Olympic mascot plush keychain (now on one of my knitting bags) organic coffee that I am drinking right now, very dark, rich, smoky  yummy!,  hand lotion from Williams Sonoma in french lavender, and last but definitely awesome - a large Vancouver Starbucks mug and a mug cozy!!  Here's a pic of the mug:

Thank you sooo much Chelle!

I was in a Valentine Secret Swap-
valentine swap

A great scarf & pin, 2 hanks of pure silk yarn, a teaspoon, and a great book of patterns with a teapot stitch marker.  Here's a closeup of the marker:
teapot marker

A big Thank You and I hope your Valentine's swap package was as wonderful Sarah!!

And finally I was in a swap for Valentine's Day in my squares group.  Erin  sent me this  great package:
swap from erin
A heart illusion cloth, 4 heart coasters ( well used already) , a needle roll in chocolate and green, honeysuckle lotion, a ball of Sugar n Cream in pink/white, a bar of Ghiraldelli'd Midnight Reverie (you guys do know I LUVS dark chocolate right?) ferro roche and reeses peanut butter cups - the picture is missing several  reeses due to Angie and I seeing peanut butter/chocolate and the rest is kinda blurry!

Thank you soo much Erin!!

And yes, I have a habit of signing up for too many swaps, but can you blame me?  So I've signed up for an Easter Swap that has to go out by March 15.  I have what I consider to be the perfect yarn for my swappee and I have bookmarked a pattern to go with it on Rav that I'll send as a gift the day she gets her package.  I have a couple extras already ( I kind of pick those up as I go along)  I've second guessed the yarn/pattern of what I'm going to make her, so I may change that.   I also just signed up for the caffeine addicts spring swap. I find out who my swap partner is this weekend, so I'll be able to start planning that.


  1. great packages I may have to help myself to some of that red yarn!!!!

  2. Oh, crap. That Easter swap has to go by March 15? Guess I'd better get cracking...

    Your swag is great! I need to swap stalk you so I can get in some more. :)


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