Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, Swap updates, quiz


Happy Valentine's day (or black Sunday - if you see it that way)!!!

Curt took me out to breakfast at the diner. He had pancakes.  I had eggs benedict florentine - poached eggs over a bed of spinach and feta cheese, over griloed portabella mushrooms on top of a large pita with Hollandaise sauce.  YUM!!
He also got me chocolates- who can go wrong with chocolate?! And a new torch!! Yay! ( OK - I know that's not a "normal" Vday gift, but there was something wrong with mine!  he got me the fancy pants one, my old one was just the regular butane torch that comes with creme brule kits.  This one has an igniter and flame control dial.. yeah I'm a geek)

Angie is in Los Angeles hanging out with my brother.  So I'm making a romantic dinner for us ( after the 500 of course, Curt knows he's the #2 man in my life LOL) and since I have a new torch - sugar cages over the ice cream over the warm tarts ( hmmm who did he get that torch for??)

My swap partners have all got their packages, and I've received mine except for the one in transit from Canada - so I can show you guys pictures!!

My sent Valentine package:

valentines swap

My Square's Squared sent Valentine :


My sent swap from Grace's blog:

swap to chelle

Tomorrow will be my goodies (well everything except the peanut butter cups Angie and I ate before I took the pictures! )

You Have a Fiery Heart

You believe that love is strong and powerful. Love rules your life, and it's really true that love conquers all.

You love passionately and deeply. You can't stop loving someone just because they don't love you in return.

Your heart is intense and unstoppable. You follow your heart freely, and your heart definitely rules you.

Your love life is totally filled with ups and downs. You can't help but have some drama in your romantic relationships.



  1. I nearly fell out of my chair with laughter when I say Tony in that Valentine. You are just too funny with that dude. Go Jeff. 96 laps for the race. It's been good. Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's. Curt is a lucky guy :) Well and I think you are a lucky woman being that you put Curt second ROFLMAO!! Happy Valentine's Day and Gung Hei Fat Choy!!! :)

  2. Happy V-Day to you!. Those are some great swap gifts♥ There is something for you on my blog♥


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