Friday, February 12, 2010

ravelympics starts tonite!

As the Olympics start tonite, the knitting world (or at least the piece I live in) has it's own competition the Ravelympics.   I am on three teams.

My Nascar fan friends have Team Fast Girls.  I'm making shoshie - a beaded part lace shawlette.  So this is entered in 2 events - Short Track Shawls &  Beading Biathlon.

Then since I am after all from Jersey - I'm on team jersey.  I'm entering WIPs Dancing with my snowflake mitts.  - Basically finishing a project not  touched since Jan 12th.

 Finally I am on Team Puck This - with Hockey fans.  I haven't figured out if  I'm making a cabled cowl or a tea cozy or what yet.  Since I'm doing a shawlette for Team Fast Girls , the other 2 teams are going to be smaller events.  So I will figure out Puck This's project by Sunday.


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