Monday, April 19, 2010

Curt is NOT a mindless drone!!

My father in law has this image of the relationship I have with his son.  He thinks my disturbed brain comes up with "cockamamie" ideas and his son  just blindly follows along.  I've said that in reality that image reflects poorly on him, as it would imply that he raised a mindless drone!  (Mind you my father in law and I get along amazingly - although those around us probably wish we didn't get along quite so well)  The truly sad thing is I've become able to predict the ideas that will draw this opinion out of him.

Recently, I've been reading / seeing pictures of "Living Walls" or vertical gardens.  They intrigued me.  I showed Curt some of the sites I looked at.  So WE decided it would be cool to try to build one - or two.  WE thought it would be cool to put one up against the side of the brick behind the rosebush, and fill it with succulents.  We originally thought about making one 4' x 6'.  After going through several nurseries and the local hardware store as well as Home Depot, we decided to make 2 that will be 2 feet wide and 4 feet high, and lean back about 10 degrees off of vertical.  We are using 2" square wire cloth - that we can cut the holes bigger where we need.  We also got sheet moss that we will put over the soil to hold it in.  And while we were at Dering's Nursery, we bought 9 succulents to start with:

  There are different versions of hens and chicks, in light green, blue green and reds, and I'm not sure what the reddish on in the bottom row is. And the martian looking green/yellow two on the bottom right.  They are all perennials, so if it works the planter should be good for the future too.  We are also going to mix in some kind of flowering plants as well.   The reason we are using the moss sheets instead of burlap or weed block as we had initially thought is that, we needed something the "hens" could shoot a chick up through.  At some point in the next several weeks, I should have pictures of the completed planters.


  1. I have never heard of vertical containers. I will be looking forward to see them fill in. You are really going all out on your garden. It will be stunning.

  2. LOL...oh ain't family grand :) I can't wait to see your planters. Sounds like a fun "family" project :)

  3. I'm not familiar with vertical containers either. So you will have to fill us in here. Sounds like a fun project♥

  4. This project sounds so cool. I'd love to do that! Hope you post an update when you get it planted.


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