Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yes I have been knitting again.

This past week, I have been able to stay awake and knit again.  I think the sinus infection has finally passed, although I am still drinking my herbal "witch doctor" tea 3 times a day.  I cast on a new pair of socks with some yarn that my friend Grace gave me the last time we met up for breakfast.  They are in my car, as I have been working on them on my lunch at work.  At some point, I will bring them inside to take a picture.  I made 3 projects for swaps, but as I only mailed them out yesterday afternoon, I can't post a picture until my swap partners receive their packages, so as not to spoil the surprise.  

I started working on Robin again,  I had finished clue 3 on my cotton shawl.  I am now working on clue 3 on my stormy shawl.  I will then work clue 4, first on the cotton and then on the Stormy.  Clue 5 came out this past Wednesday, so I am 2 clues behind.  I am considering doing Clue 4 and 5 on the cotton so one shawl can be caught up, but I am a bit nervous that if I get too far ahead on one, the second will start to languish and turn into an UFO.

Anyway, no knitting pictures today, hopefully by Tuesday I'll have some pics for you.  In absence of knitting pic's I'll give you this:

For those of you who aren't race fans - Talladega is THE track to party in the infield and there are t-shirts sold that say " Obnoxious Talladega Race Fan"  I told my father in law that he committed the ultimate redneck heresy.  He and my husband are bowling singles and doubles in the Essex county bowling tournament.  This runs for a few weekends and you sign up for time slots.  HE SIGNED CURT AND HIMSELF UP FOR THIS AFTERNOON.  DURING THE RACE!!!  Seriously how am I going to turn Curt into a proper race redneck like me if his father does things like this???  F1, Rolex and TransAm are fun but not as good!!

You Are Trashy

You are a wild child, and you're proud of your crazy antics. At least you keep it real.

You know how to be the center of attention. Even if that just means people are pointing at you!

You don't worry about being classy. Anyone who cares about manners is boring and uptight.

If someone tries to tell you to mind your manners, you'll probably just burp in their face.



  1. Oh the horrors of scheduling bowling during a NASCAR race. I'm so wanting Jeff Gordon to FINALLY win one :) Sorry my friend! Had to say it. :) And to think I have to work and wont be able to see the race. Aw the joys of a DVR. Happy knitting :)

  2. My word verification word was weep----how does it know these things!!

  3. I am very behind in commenting but yesterday was the inlaw visit from hell, more on that at a later time (did you know I am fat????)
    The Angelique tulips are gorgeous I hope next fall you get more of them they are really great, the wall garden is awesome and I can't wait for Tom to come home so I can show him (he is out doing laundry like a good hubby) and even though Curt will miss Talladega I hope he bowls well. Let me know which day we are meeting, I think I am finally free of germs---I even refused to take part in huggy kissy ritual yesterday so not to get any new ones.


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