Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Sensational Haiku Wednesday
Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Welcome to “Sensational Haiku Wednesday!”

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The basics:
Haiku is simple! It is 3 non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively (a great way to use your fingers!)

This week’s theme is: Dance

Studio hours

rehearsals make it perfect

trophies on the shelf.


Rain falls on your face,

spin, splashing through the puddles,

dancing in the rain. 




  1. simply amazing haikus...

    i'm a rain person, so i walk , i dance in the rain, too!

    hugs hugs,
    my Dance haiku

  2. Fantastic....Where you singing while dancing in the rain? I must have two left feet...I don't have any trophies pffft LOL :) Well done

  3. Love them both! I spent 5 hours in the studio last night (recording)... I'm exhausted!!

  4. I totally can't sing! Am really tone deaf! And the dance trophies- They are all Angie's - she competed for 9 years. I'm more the dance around in the rain kinda gal. People yell at me for getting wet- but I tell them I'm not sweet so I won't melt!

  5. Spinning and dancing in the rain. Sounds wonderful! Especially here in the desert - we never get enough of it.


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