Friday, April 23, 2010


I just wanted to show you some shots of these "Angelique" tulips.  They are double petaled and the petals are sort of streaky pink.angelique They also have more than one flower "stalk " per plant. angelique

I also have these daffs that have 2 or 3 flowers per stalk.double daffs?

Now that the flowers on the right have opened all the way - I love the purple "halo"  around the center.

You Are a Wildflower Garden

You are a true free spirit. You want to go wherever life takes you, and you feel like plans kill the mood.

You are low maintenance and laissez faire. You believe that whatever will be will be, so why try to change it?

You love colorful things and colorful people. It's hard to find anything that's too wild for your tastes.

You're too laid back to be a total wild child, but you've definitely had your crazier moments!


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  1. Tulips are my absolute favorite!!! I don't think I've ever seen a double petal before but it is just stunning. I love it. Boy you sure do have the green thumb :)


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