Friday, April 9, 2010

How cool is this?

visited 29 states (58%)
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You Are a Hooded Sweater

You are active, casual, and laid-back.

There's not a pretentious bone in your body. You are very humble.

You have a very giving spirit. Whether you're dealing with friends or strangers, you tend to ask very little of people.

You are honest and open. You believe that if you are truthful with people, they will be straight with you.



  1. Wow that's impressive. I've visited all but the midwest and north east :)

  2. looks like you've traveled quite a bit. That's way cool. Do you think you will get to them all???

  3. I can't say that I can imagine ever going to nebraska , or iowa...

  4. never been west of Ohio or south of Florida--on the east coast I have missed Rhode island, NC SC and Georgia


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