Thursday, April 22, 2010

High up on the rooftop - look! A falling crayon!

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The TT questions are brought to you by Berleen, the color of peanut butter cups and the number 10.

My oldest demon (aka Demon #1) is in Oklahoma! The musical this weekend. Yep, my kid is a drama geek. Have you ever been in a play or musical? Were you in the drama club in high school? I built sets for 4, designed them for 2, was in a bit part and/or dance corps for all 4 years of high school - you really don't want me singing though!

You are walking down the road and the cops fly by you and stop at the house just a little ways down the street. It's the way you were going to go... do you take a detour to avoid it or do you just keep walking because, hey - you had the idea first! or do you walk by out of complete curiosity?I'd probably cross the street , and check it out when I walked by.  I wouldn't be part of the "gathering crowd" however.

I drop a green crayon from the roof and Kimber drops a yellow one - which one will grow wings and fly before it hits the ground?My husband and his bowling teammates ( including his dad) have this running joke that if someone performs badly they are up on the roof the next morning.  So I'll be sure to ask my F-I-L as he was the last one "up  on the roof"

What is the first section of the grocery store you go to? And I know that sentence doesn't sound right, but I don't care. Well, you walk into the produce section.  And I usually need some ( even when I hit the farmer's market)

Do you like questions that have a yes or no answer or do you like to actually think for yourself and come up with something original? Yes or No can be boring.  And I've attended to many sales and management seminars where they drill the "ask open ended questions" theme into your head.

The wall directly in front of you... whats on it?  The tv/entertainment unit.

Sea salt?Is this one of those yes/no questions - like is there salt in the sea?  or is it asking whether or not I use sea salt in my food?  The answer to that is yes.  Coarse sea salt in a grinder - also a jar of french grey sea salt (hey Bud - do the twins use this stuff? it's kind a pricey)  and a piece and shaver of pink himalayan sea salt.  By the way- aren't the himalaya's mountains - where does the sea fit in?

420. You know what it is. It's a time, it's a day, it's a way of life. Did you celebrate yesterday? How can I put this?  I'm definitely not naive.  I had a whole assortment of pothead friends in high school.  But my abuse of choice is alcohol.  Mostly beer, the occasional rum, whiskey or tequilla.  Until my daughter was picked for the random drug test ( all athletes, club members, and kids who have on campus parking privileges are subject to the random tests) on the 20th and found it very ironic.  She then  had to explain what 420 meant so that I would understand the irony.  Le sigh.

Can you read a tape measure?I used to install floors for years.  I then did measures for Depot for awhile. Now I knit - all things that use tape measures!

The city/town/village that you live in... it's population is.....????
25,244 in 2004.
If a laptop fell out of the sky do you think you could catch it? And if you did, do you think it's Finders Keepers? I'm pretty sure it would either knock me out or give me a concussion if it didn't kill me.  Because i don't wander around staring at the sky.  Of course if we could figure out who dropped it, I may be able to sue and buy Apple!

Driving down the highway, driving down the interstate, driving down a dirt road that you are sure goes absolutely nowhere... whats the longest distance you have ever driven in one trip? 1400 miles - north Jersey to outside Dallas /Ft Worth.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?I'm a biter. Put something in my mouth and I'll suck on it for awhile but sooner or later I'm chomping down.


  1. OMG I'm so with you on 420. Your answer is just the bomb my friend. Let's cheer with some beer shall we :) Have a great Thursday :)

  2. When you sue and win Apple can I get a deal on a computer? LOL. Always love your responses. You never fail to crack me up...

  3. Good point about the concussion...

    Have a great Thursday!


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