Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Hope, Robiin spoilers

Curt and I went out to Bucks County,PA.  A place called Peddlers Village  has great little shops and restaurants.  It's only a little over an hour from us, and Curt wanted to spend a day with just the two of us.  I didn't really buy much.  But it was fun just browsing all the shops with him.  I did buy the first Christmas present to put away for this coming holiday.  Paper made from elephant poo for my sister. hee hee hee hee. We'll see just how green she really is.  LOL!  I also bought a red glass dragonfly for Angie ( her track and field nickname is the deadly dragonfly, and her team colors are scarlet and white)  I got a new shortbread mold and a much nicer pastry cutter than I currently use.  

Another type of daff started blooming in my garden.  Also one very sad hyacinth that is missing half its flowerettes.

I'm done with clue 2 on my Cotton Fine Robin.  There were three bobbles in clue 2.  I really, really don't like bobbles.  I did them in my shoshie shawl, but I really think they look like the fur on a matted cat that needs some serious grooming.  I think I started a mini-revolt in the robin thread.  Sharon gave an option to use contrasting beads, which I may try for my stormy robin, but I didn't want to use them for the cotton.  I had breakfast Friday with my friend Grace ( after 2 months!)  and as she is the shawl guru, I asked her about it.  She suggested nupps, which is an Estonian stitch ( according to google anyway) The nupp has a similar look but is much flatter.  Here's my robin so far:

 Here's a closeup.

The nupps are the budlike swirls at the end of the rows of beads on the left side of center.  (not the horizontal beads in the leaf motifs)   I really do love it otherwise.  The bottom of the picture is a "wicker section" which I really enjoy. 

Here's a picture that is more true to the actual color of Robin.
 As I mentioned earlier, I had breakfast with Grace on Friday.  And if she doesn't relapse again we will have lunch on Thursday.  It's been 2 months since we've gotten together, and I didn't realize how much I've come to rely on her to bounce ideas off of, or get knitting advice from.  She brought me pressies!!  A skein of "garnet" sock yarn from dreamscape threads in all shades of red, a sock pattern she got with a club ( I haven't convinced her to go beyond those itty bitty keychain socks)  a cozy book, and a giant jar of honey ( yum)  Had some with tea this afternoon.  I also bought one of her shawls to use as a gift for someone who hinted at a handknit gift, but I really am not close enough to to stop my current projects for.  If anyone is looking to buy an amazing shawl, check out her blog on the left margin - lovin comfort knits.

You Are the Queen of Hearts

To call you passionate would be a total understatement. You have quite a temper. You put fear into the hearts of everyone you know.

You are easy to make angry, and once you're angry, you may do or say anything. You love vengeance.

You don't like to be crossed. And while you can't say "Off with their heads!" when people make you mad, you wish you could!

There are a couple hobbies you're passionate about (perhaps croquet?), but even those can be sullied by the stupidity of others.


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  1. OMG my Queen LOL You bought a Christmas gift already? LOL And it's poop? ROFLMAO! i just cracked up at that and when you said you will see how green she is. If that doesn't have her heading for the toilet I don't know what will. LOL Sounds like a fun day that you and Curt had. :) Happy Easter to you and your family :)


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