Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've actually won TWO blog contests! Robin Spoilers

Seriously!  I'm considering grabbing a lottery ticket.  FIRST  I won a contest on my friend Diana's blog.  Diana is an extremely talented knitwear designer.  I won 5, yes 5 of her patterns.  Check out her designs if you're a knitter  otterwise  And her blog is here. 
If you're wondering I got: Wild Cherry Bark Mitts, Corydalis Cowl, Winter Bud Cowl, Catseye Socks and Kiva bag.

Thank you so much again, Diana!!

The second contest was this past weekend on my friend Thom's blog.  He had a birthday contest for Quilly.  We had to guess her birthweight.  I guessed Angie's weight ( at birth not now!) and while she was smaller than Quilly, I was the closest so I won!!  I got to pick any internet giftcard.  So I'm getting a Knitpicks gift card ( so I'll have the yarn to work up Diana's patterns. LOL!

Thank you so much again Thom!  I really have fun with your blog every day!!

I  finished clue 3 on Sunday ( too bad clue 6 comes out on Monday) on my Stormy Robin.  I think I'm going to try to catch up on the Cotton Robin- since it will be more practical with summer coming up.  And once I'm caught up then work on the stormy.  It is going to be 32 degrees tonite!!  My tomato is coming inside so she doesn't freeze.  It's almost May!  I want my plants done already!! 

So here is the cotton Robin after clue 3:

The yarn is not quite so yellow.

A close up of the "robins"

Here is a shot of my Stormy Robin:
stormy robin 


  1. Buy that lottery ticket, yarn store in our sites!!!!!

    and you forgot the best luck of all today you got to see me!!!

  2. WOOT Congrats my friend. And how good that you can use them both for your hobby you so enjoy. Again thanks so much for playing :)

  3. i shouldn't have to consider seeing you as "lucky", but I guess the way things have gone all winter I should!

  4. Those are looking a bit like undies -- except the one is WAAAAY too big, I think.

    I knew nobody would guess my birth weight. It was too far from normal. congrats on coming close!

  5. Stormy Robin stood out for me...maybe becuz it has beads galore! :D You are one lucky chick, Ria, winning not one but two contests. I have never really win another in my life. So, I don't dare to even buy a lottery ticket. Thanks for your comment on my cob-web felt. It's really fun and you don't need to wait for months to finish and have something substantial to show for. Look forward to seeing your experiment someday. The planting are looking lovelier by day. I am full of envies. Curry....hmmm...I'd love a dip on one!


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