Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Knitting

here are some Christmas projects (more decorations than gifts)

This one is a gift - it is a knit Christmas tree (yes I used, blech, festive fur yarn) that lights up with LED lights.  It is for my mom, b3cause if I don't give her something handmade by me, she pouts until her birthday. Plus, it gives my sister a complex about being non-creative ( I tell her take the stick out ya ass and the creativity will be able to flow)



Then there are some stockings for the tree.




I also finished the Angie's keyhole scarf:


And yes, I admit it, I judge people!

You Judge People Based on Intuition

You can't explain why you trust and like some people. It's all about going with your gut.

Your instincts tend to be right, and your first impression of someone usually sticks.

Keep going with your intuition, as it has served you well ... especially when you have a bad feeling about someone.

Be open to changing your mind about people. Your intuition may change if you learn more information about someone.



  1. love your knitting, you have to make me a mini sock for my little tree---I have about 1/2 dozen from other knitters I know on there. Would love a copy of the tree pattern too!!!!

  2. Your knitting needles must be smoking! Congrats on getting so many great looking things done so quickly.


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