Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some more Knit Ornaments.

I finished a couple more of my mini-knit ornaments.




Am a little over half way on the second of a pair of fingerless gloves.  Depending on how long I get to take lunch, they may be done this week.  I am on ruffle 3 of 8 on a second Christmas tree.  Another Murphy mini-sock kit shipped.  I saw really cute little hats and scarves for wine bottles I may try to make, since I am giving 3 people wine. (hint if you are getting wine - you are too boring and need a life - it means nothing else says "you" in the stores or on the internet!!) I want to make another mini-sweater and a couple of mini-santa hats.  We'll see what the realities of time  have to say about that.

Coming tomorrow - I won a blog contest on Thom's blog -so there will be pictures of my cool prize package ( Angie already snagged the t-shirt)  and there will be a brief recap of my trip Thursday to get the Angie back home (42 hours - if you were wondering how long before she pissed me off)  Oh and I won the football elimination league I was in ( so to all the boys I beat - Suck It!!)



  1. ROFLMAO!!! You sound just like my sister in her Fantasy Football League. Only the Suck would have been way more graphic LOL. Congrats on your win and thanks again for playing. Hmmm 42 that a record? And of course Tony's car has to be somewhere in the photo :)

  2. Crap oh Crap oh Crap...I forgot to say how nice your knitting is. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. You know what would be knit a glove with the middle finger missing...Can you imagine the use you would get outta that puppy? :)

  3. good 4 you,
    Glad to see you win...

    stay blessed.


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