Sunday, December 5, 2010

I made it!! And pics of things I've made!

I made it through inventory without killing anyone!!  Some random quotes that almost got the special ed/special olympics despartment supervisors whose dept.s I  seem to get assigned to, killed.   " You want me to get a ladder and get them from behind the pallet?  But they are only 99cents"  "Yes I can see that the 2 rolls labeled 18 feet are different sizes, I must have screwed up when estimating."  followed by " seriously? you now want me to unroll and measure all of them? Do you know how long it will take?"  "why are you taking down the pre-count sheets?" followed soon after by " well yes, I can see we only counted 8 skus and there are 10 items on the shelf, can't we just add them?"  and my personal favorite "you take inventory waaaaay to seriously" (mind you my title is technically Inventory Management Specialist - even though that is only 1/2 my job) 

The prior store manager is pissed at me - because he gets credit for this inventory -because A. I have been telling him all year he has a problem because I had way too many count discrepancies that I couldn't trace to paperwork, on items that were not high theft items.  And B. all the department supervisors, not just my morons, were focusing on the wrong priorities on the inventory prep sheet and the count wasn't going to go well.  and C. that my best guestimate the day before inventory was a flash of 2.25% and the flash came out 2.32% (that will chang once Atlanta's bean counters go through stuff)  Our last 3 numbers were 1.1%, .97% and 1.2%.  Is he pissed at me because of the really bad number? not really. He is pissed at me because " you just always have to be right don't you?"  

Then because some idjit in Atlanta, probably was reading off the wrong calendar, we were scheduled on a Friday.   The day after inventory, me and my fellow IMSs usually come in at 2am, to start working some reports and fixing counts.  We can't print the reports until the computer has cycled to the next day which is usually around 1230am.  Since the next day in this case is Saturday, and it is Christmas time, making certain departments really busy, trying to change counts after the customers start going through the register is kind of futile.  So we came in at 1am (blech)  and did what we could.  I drove past one of my favorite bars (well I do every day but at 330 they are generally closed) and the parking lot was full.  I was thinking  - GDamn, I should have left a half an hour ago and stopped for a pint!

Well now that you know that I made it (well almost anyway, will have to try to finish next week)  here are some pics of finished projects that I don't think I showed you yet.


My Murphy goes Apple Picking mini-sock.  (Murphy is a sheep - who the designer uses to pick on her brother Murphy. IT'S GREAT FUN!)


A toddler sized cabled hat with earflaps


A pair of wristers with the scrap yarn

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  1. I am glad you made it. I love the mini sock. I have been wanting to do one of those♥


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