Friday, December 31, 2010

I did it!!!! and new knitting goals for 2011

Back in January I joined a group on Ravelry -52in52 - 2010.  The goal of the group was to make 52 projects in the 52 weeks of 2010.  Short/quick projects would average out the bigger time consuming ones.  I started strong, especially with the Ravelympics in February.  ( a knit/crochet/spin challenge that ran concurrently with the Olympics.)  The end of Senior Year in May and June caught me in Angie's swirl for awhile and I slowed down.  In July I finished nothing.  Had a slow August as well, although can I use the excuse of getting the Angie ready for moving into her dorm and college??  September was sort of a comeback, even though I discovered that I greatly overestimated the amount of free time I would have once she left.  I entered December at 40 finished projects. only 40.  I was pretty pragmatic. I figured it was a good goal, and I finished far more projects than I ever had before in the time I've been knitting.

But yesterday, at 6pm I finished my red cowl, project 52 of the year!!  Woot!!  

Here's a picture of projects 50 & 51 - my orange keyhole scarf and mitts (from yarn my friend Min gave me)


And project 52 - my red cowl


I'm already looking ahead to 2011.  I am going to try to do the 52 again.  Harder than that I currently have 12 projects on Ravelry that are either WIPs or UFOs (Works In Progres or UnFinished Objects) I don't consider stuff I've worked on recently as a WIP - it doesn't hit that status in my mind until its been out of sight for two or more months.  To become a UFO  it has to have been a WIP for a year or more.  A few of the UFOs were cast on in 2006 ( a year before I joined Ravelry) I guess 2006 is the year I became a knitter - I taught myself to knit in 2003.  But I started out only struggling through one project at a time.  I'd finish something, then pick a pattern, go out buy the yarn (back then it was Michael's. Ragshop and AC Moore- I had yet to discover LYSs or online yarn) most of the time I also had to buy the needles too. In 2006, I started working on multiple projects, and creating my first WIPs and UFOs.  So, 12 on Ravelry, 2 not on Ravelry, I am going to aim for finishing or frogging (frogging is unraveling and giving up on a project, saving the yarn for another project)  one of these a month during 2011.  Some are almost done some barely started, so one a month is the average I'm aiming for.


  1. New Jersey?! No! You're much too far away to teach me to knit!

    Love that orange scarf and the red cowl.

  2. You did great!! I love the scarf, mittens, and cowl.


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