Monday, June 20, 2011

Balcony Garden Post 1

Or as Curt refers to it "the upper 40".  It still has about another week of work to get everything settled, but I can show you some of it.  I don't have a picture, but we have sliding glass doors. These open to the center of the balcony.  In the center area, we have 2 chairs and a little table.  During the summer, Curt and I will occasionally have a meal out there, but more often dessert or a snack.  We read out there, Curt plays with his electronic toys, I knit.  To the left, there is not as much sun - although after the power company trimmed some trees there is a fair bit.  To the right is an L shape section that wraps the south east end of the building.  It gets a lot of sun. Peppers and tomatoes love being there as do eggplants.  I start my cucumbers and herbs on that side but move them left by July 4th to protect them from summer's harshness.  

Speaking of cucumbers, here are my three plants and their trellis.  If you look carefully you will see I have a bunch of baby cuke's already.  I will probably knock 1/2 off, to help the fruit that will be left.


One of my tomato plants - a Bush Early Girl - is already up to my hip, and as you can see in this pic, has some little green tomatoes already.


My Container Choice tomato also has several flowers but no fruit yet.


My Miro-tom - the actual world's smallest tomato.


My "pet" as I couldn't get it last year - the Coyote tomato - a low acid yellow cherry. It is starting to bud - but no actual flowers yet.



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  1. What a lovely place to sit! Soon you'll be plucking tomatoes and eating them warm.


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