Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm a big fan of lists.  There is nothing as satisfying as crossing stuff off of a list.  Several people whose blogs I follow have list postings usually weekly.  It's amusing sometimes to see the topics for the lists they post, when they obviously are having trouble coming up with them.  So I've decided to  join in the list fun!  Today we will kick it off with:

My favorite lists:
1.  Vacation packing.  I make lists for Curt and Angie as well as myself.  It takes a couple days to create these lists as I edit.  Especially in the wintertime, there is always one extra days supplies - which has been handy more than once.  The Angie loves my lists.  Curt mocks them.  One vacation I didn't make him a list - and we were shopping for him several times that vacation.

2.  Race weekend.  My NASCAR friends will understand the extent of stuff necessary for a succesful race weekend.  Radios, batteries, tailgate food, in track coolers, rain gear, sunscreen, (yarn) (In Min's case if she is going with her mom - ruby slippers to get home) 

3.  Garden plants.  I start working out what I'm going to grow in January.  The list is finalized in April.  Aquisition starts in May.  

4. Angie's bucket list.  The Angie is the only person I know who started a bucket list when still in pre-school.  It started with things like specific roller coasters,  and places she saw on tv.  It has grown,  some of the things on it are kind of bizarre.  Driving a golf cart,  riding a bike (she refused as a child) I have to give her credit. She has also been methodically crossing stuff off of it as well.

5. Store walk.  This is a report that comes out at work.  It breaks down each department in the store into classes and subclasses of stuff.  It shows how your sales now compare to last year and to other stores in your district and market.  I like being at the top of this list.  I'm usually at the top of this list.

6.  The list of high scores on my games.  All of the games.  I like being at the top of these lists too.  

7.  The big dinner list.  This is for big holiday dinners when we host.  It includes everything from the menu, groceries for the menu, decor and a to do list (cleaning etc) before the "day"

8.  My Scorpio bitch list.  I was born on the cusp of Scorpio /Sagittarius.  I really don't believe in horoscopes , but personalities have a lot of coincidence.  I can be you best coach, friend, teacher, fan etc.  But there is a very narrow line - no real gray area - and once you cross it you are on the list.  It is just about impossible to get off the list.  If you make it to the top of the list you don't even exist.

9.  My knitting projects.  need I say more?

10.  And the best list of all is the shortest list of all.  My friends.  From the outside it would seem as though I'm a pretty popular person, but most of those people are acquaintances not really friends.  I have very few friends, because I'm just not that nice/trusting and most people annoy me, and because I really do love my friends dearly, and they are all so awesome each in their own way.  They each fulfill one of my social/emotional needs and when you have friends that great you don't need a lot.  


  1. My mom isn't big into lists per se, but she's big into writing notes. She has a note pad in EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM. Even one on her night stand, so she can wake up in the middle of the night and write notes. Crazy pants.

    It's HYSTERICAL to watch her the next morning try to decipher the notes she wrote to herself in the dark, without her glasses, at God only knows what time.

  2. I am not a list maker but I so wish I were -- I just wish I were more organized, period. I always seem to be scattered and trying to get it together, yet if I do make a list, I usually just lose it anyway ....


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