Sunday, June 26, 2011

List #2

Sorry- I did say I'd be posting more, but work fell apart this week.   On that note - if you could spare a prayer or thought to my friend Good Dan - his mom passed yesterday after a stroke on Wednesday.

Items I must have in the freezer to function in the kitchen.

1. diced onions - yes, I prefer to chop a fresh onion, but sometimes time/energy constraints require a quicker/easier solution.  So there is always a bag of diced onion in my freezer door.

2. roasted pepper strips - from Target - they have a bag of red/yellow/green grilled pepper strips - sometimes I use them as strips sometimes I chop them - I put peppers in 90% of my dinner's and once again fresh isn't always happening. 

3. salmon fillets - really easy, quick dinner- top it with some herbs and olive oil or lemon juice, make an extra have it over salad the next day for lunch.  I usually order mine from Schwann's.

4. chopped spinach bags- the bags are easier than the boxes.  I think the bag prevents freezer burn better than the box and it's easier to get a small amount out.  I use it in omelets, risotto dishes, dips, soups, pasta sauces. Very versatile, very yummy and an easy way to get some more veggie on the plate.

5. andouille sausage - it goes in a lot of my quick and easy default dinners - rice & beans ( pinto, red, pink, black)  okra and tomatoes over rice, jambalaya,  kale sausage & white beans, mexican chicken stew.   

6.  vanilla ice cream (Target Archer Farm's Madagascar Vanilla is my fav)  by itself - or as an addition great for dessert.

7.  cheese ravioli.  my grandmother's after school snack she made us was ravioli with butter and fresh herbs  - it's now one of Angie's snacks if she didn't get a good lunch.  also layered with the frozen spinach, portabella's maybe sausage & tomato sauce makes a fast fake lasagna.

8.  boneless skinless chicken breast - thaws quickly in a bowl of cold water and is probably one of the most versatile proteins.

9.  unsalted butter sticks - the urge to bake usually strikes without warning, and this used to be the one item I had to go to the store for, I learned and am now prepared.

10.  ice - LOL! 

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