Saturday, June 11, 2011

Through the fog.

At Pocono for NASCAR qualifying and the ARCA race today.  Just as Tony's luck would have it the sun started peeking out over turn 2 during his qualifying lap and slowed his speed down a bit :(  

The ARCA race was kind of good between the 17, 25, 31 and 41.  I was rooting for Tim George Jr.  As the race went on "fog" (seriously more like a dense cloud hitting the mountain top) kept rolling in, easing up a tad then coming back in.  There were 2 red flags (where the race is temporarily stopped) because the spotters were repeatedly telling the ARCA officials, their crew chiefs and drivers that they can't see from the middle of turn 1 until the exit of turn 3. 

This was my view of turn 1 (or more technically non-view) at one point


Not only could I not see turn one, I couldn't even see the exit of pit road!!

Here was my non-view of turn 3


As you can see the scoring tower was barely visible which is about the halfway point on pit road on the start/finish line.  I couldn't see the start of pit road much less turn 3.


This was directly in front of me.  You can see the garage, but not the haulers parked on the other side, not the infield, and definitely not turn 2.  Usually when you look over the garage you can see for 20 miles to the next mountain top!!  (if you're reading this Thom - I may need to use one of these pic's for your Muffed Target!)

It was Knit in Public Day today, and I did bring knitting as I anticipated a lot of wait time.  I finished one item and started a second.  It's a beer bottle cozy.  You'll see a better pic after I finish the set,


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  1. Should I even bother telling you that my mom wasn't home today? She SWEARS she wasn't in the Poconos, but she was out-of-town.


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