Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hey! Teach

While I was in a blog funk for 6 or 7 weeks, I was also in a knitting funk for most of May.  However, I did finish my NERDWARS dissertation for Tournament 1 ( Feb-April)  I finished the seaming the sweater with 4 hours left in the tournament.  Fortunately I blocked it before I seamed it, so it was truly done.  



I found the perfect buttons on Etsy for my sweater:

Since the Angie ( my personal model) was still away at school when these pictures were taken, A hanger had to do.


  1. That turned out really great!

    And doesn't she know it's rude not to be around when you need her? (Yes, I know I may be eating those words in about a month.)

  2. Beautiful job ... love the color, and the buttons too!

  3. That sweater is way cute! I would love the pattern!

  4. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this, Ria! You've inspired me. I'm always so intimidated by cardigans - but this is amazing. The color is perfect!


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