Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reading update.

This is the third and final book in  the Sugar Maple series.  I really enjoyed reading the first book.  The second book, took me a while to read, it did not really capture my interest.  I read this book because A. my friend Grace was nice enough to loan it to me and B. I just needed some closure.  I assumed , as in most literature of this type, that Sugar Maple would be saved by Chloe, but I didn't necessarily know how.  I assumed Chloe would end up with Luke - for at least a while.

This third book sucked me in.  It was well written and I just had to keep turning the pages.  A  trip to Salem, and many trials for Chloe led to a nail biting climax.  I am glad I struggled through book 2 to be able to read book 3.


  1. aHHH BUT IT IS NOt the final book===the new one comes out in December !

  2. Hmmmf - well all my questions were answered so there!


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