Wednesday, February 25, 2015

America- Farm to Table review

Most people don't actually "read" cookbooks.  I do.  I'm not saying I'd read the Joy of Cooking or Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook cover to cover, but there are some cookbooks that are just fun, interesting and educational to read.  This book is one of them.  The book is broken down into stories of small local farmers and the chefs/restaurants that use their products.  What drives someone to still farm, how they keep the small quality product focus, the diary of chicks to chicken breasts.  I like reading these stories, I'm somewhat inspired by them, I think on some level I'm a frustrated farmer at heart.  The photos of the farmers, chefs, produce and animals are phenomenal, the photos of the recipes are mouthwatering (of course with a name like Quentin Bacon - we couldn't actually expect less could we?)  Mario Batali, who I like watching on the Chew better than on Iron Chef, then takes these ingredients and creates recipes inspired by them.  I have 16 recipes tabbed out as Must Makes*.  Another 12 as Really Want to Makes*.  And several oyster recipes that will require the Angie to make a trip home on Curt's bowling nights (stupid allergies- my next husband will only be allergic to food I don't like) 

If you love to cook you need to read the book.  If you love to garden you need to read the book.  If you love to eat you need to read the book.  If you are as averse to cooking and as culinarily lazy as my sister - don't bother with the book.  There are more than a handful of ingredients, many not found in the freezer section, some not in the produce section, some you may want the farmers market for, some of the recipes are for meat, and there is food prep, and cooking may take longer than 15 minutes, not microwaveable... so she shouldn't read the book.

* You will be definitely seeing these recipes (ok - confession here, I really have never in my life followed a recipe exactly.. just can't do it.. the best I get is follow the recipe mostly) on my Friday posts in the future.

Probably should hope that my sister doesn't know about my blog....

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