Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Training- Quality vs Quantity

Normally, when you see "Quality vs Quantity" in a title about exercise, you would expect it to be pushing quality over quantity.  Pay attention to form, less reps with better form is what you should be aiming for.  Get your heart rate to 80% for cardio health- keep it between x% and y% for fat burning (since I am constantly seeing different numbers there I left it as x and y).

My problem lately, the past two and a half to three weeks, we've had a lot of yucky winter weather.  Not snow - which I love, but "wintery mix" and "freezing rain" and just plain ice.  Clearly, I'm not a dedicated enough jogger to jog through stuff like this.  I really find it difficult to convince my brain to drive in the stuff to the gym to work out.  I think about working out at home- but this would be limited- and  gets  passed up for nothing.  Then there is when I'm pressed for time... is it worth, getting dressed, going to the gym, working out for only 15-20 minutes, diving home, taking a shower, getting dressed doing ____.   Part of the problem is perfectionistic thought.  If I work out at home, I probably won't get the full cardio or fat burning in.  If I work out from home, I won't hit all the muscle groups efficiently.  I actually did buy a jump rope - figuring when time was the constraint to working out, I could go outside and jump rope for not just the allocated workout time but the drive to and from time as well.. except weather (still holding out hope this will be a good idea when the --- latest weather on my phone?  freezing drizzle?!?!  finally ends) 

Then I read Scott Young's blog post "When the Less Efficient Method Gets the Job Done Faster" link here - or he's on my blog list on the sidebar.  Sometimes it's kind of funny how you could be thinking about something and find something very related to your thoughts shows up in a timely manner.  His point is that although efficient is better than inefficient, inefficient is better than nothing, and if you do inefficient enough times it will add up, maybe even reach effective.  I know I need to exercise to manage my BG levels.  And realistically, it would be better to do 6 ten minute not perfect workouts than one 60 minute perfect workout in a week. (yes, this is slightly exaggerated)  And I probably should go through the 15 minutes it takes to get ready and get to the gym and the 30 minutes of getting home, showering and dressed for a 15  minute workout.

So, now that I've pondered this, and the universe stuck stuff to make me think about in relation to this in my face, what am I going to do?  There is still frozen not snow falling from the sky, it's dark, I don't want to go out.  So I'm going to do some squats, pushups, dips and crunches.  Then I'll go up and down the stairs a bunch of times.  Maybe I'll break a sweat, I'll definitely be breathing harder.  I'll call it a victory of inefficient over nothing, and see what happens tomorrow. 

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