Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shaving Tips

So I'm "blessed" with Scottish and German genes from my dad (among others - I'm a serious mutt) My dad was a hairy dude, my brother has been known to shave twice in a day.  I wear shorts whenever the temps are above 40 degrees F.  So I shave my legs every other day.  A few years ago, I read a tip of using hair conditioner as shaving cream.  It's significantly cheaper than shaving cream/lotion/gel.  It softens your skin as well if not better than the shaving stuff.  I tried it, liked it and have been using it ever since.  Recently, I read a tip that using baby oil gel was the best shaving product, that it gave a closer shave and softer smoother results.  So, I tried it.  First with the conditioner on my left
leg and baby oil gel on my right, and a week (3 shaves) later I switched to the conditioner on the right, gel on the left.

Stick to the conditioner is my conclusion.  There was no tangible difference in the closeness or smoothness of the shave.  If I didn't lotion my legs, there was a "slight" advantage in softness after my next shower, but not enough to skip the lotion that next day.  The gel didn't really work on my underarms -  I had to wash off the residue with shower gel because it felt weird.  The biggest drawback to the baby oil gel was that no matter how sparsely I tried to apply it, it just gunked up the razor. 

I use Venus Embrace razors, 5 blades, rounded head, a bit pricey, but worth every penny - regardless of what you use, you'll get the best shave with these.  But, with the baby oil gel those wonderful blades got gunked up - and instead of having the shower on the water saving lower pressure mode, it took a ton of water pressure to clear it out for the next swipe!! It took probably three times as long - just clearing out the razor from the oil gunk!!  I was going to do one last rial with the hair grown out a bit - but if I did, I was afraid it would take a three hour shower to get the job done. And remember - I only had the oil on one leg!!  

I'm going to stick to the conditioner - Suave Tropical Coconut is my favorite, inexpensive, smells wonderful, legs feel really soft afterward, and combined with the Venus Embrace - keeps my legs happy in shorts 10 months a year!

this isn't a paid post - I just got really frustrated with the baby oil gel tip and if I can save someone else the aggravation of trying it - this post will be worth it.

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