Monday, February 23, 2015

Update on this morning's post- and trucks!

I watched another video lecture from the creativity class... I can't I just can't.  Even if there is some information that will help me in my quest, I just can't watch these classes.  I usually try to give courses until week 2 before giving up, but I'm waving the white flag.. I can't just can't...

I started watching week two's videos for the Astronomy class.  Week two is about telescopes and telescope technology.  I still am not committing to finishing this class ( I'm on video 6 of 27 for this week) BUT, it is definitely improved over last week.  I really liked the video on making the 8m diameter honeycomb backed mirrors.  Although to be perfectly honest, the tractor trailer that then hauls this mirror up the mountain top (even the top of the line military lifting helicopters can't get the weight up to the mountain tops these mirrors are used on because of the thin air at the high altitudes, fascinated me more than the mirror making.  These trucks have to get up the winding mountain roads and have moving counterbalances to keep the load from tipping the trucks over. 48 wheels, each with it's own hydraulic system to keep the load level are used!! 

The trucks fascinate me!  Really appeal to my inner 8 year old.  I was only able to find one article which was seriously lacking in the detail I want, in Sky and Telescope from 2003.  You can read it here if you're interested. I want to play with one of these trucks!!

Yes, I totally know most of my RL friends are laughing their butts off if they are reading this.

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