Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Virtual Races

Who knew there were virtual races??  This is perfect for me!  First, I work most weekends, and with race season coming up, I'm saving my requests for racedays. But with virtual races, there is a time frame of a few days to actually run the distance.  Second, I don't always want to drive to some locations to run (the one in Newark, I'd be running for real!) so I can decide where I want to run.  The ones I'm looking at for the next couple of months send you a completion medal after you run.  AND you can order an actual race bib.  I think I'm collecting them.  Not sure what my plan is - but there it is.  Since you have to go back on and submit your time - I'll use an app on the phone for that, but I'll take the run more seriously and be able to see how I'm actually doing.

The two I'm signing up for coming up are:

The Lucky Leprechaun "in" Trenton.  There's a 5K, 10K and half marathon - let's not get crazy I'm doing the 5K. You can run anytime between March 14 & March 22. It benefits Prostate Cancer research - and the fun part? The medal is also a bottle opener!

The next one I've signed up for  Dark  Helmut -Calla's run.  Also a 5K or 10K run.  These are being run all over the country apparently.  I signed up for Newark because technically it's closest.  I can run it any time in April.  It's for the medical bills for someone who had a brain injury - if the fund supercedes the medical bills, the rest goes to Traumatic Brain Injury Foundation.  But realistically - I'm doing it for the medal - I mean Dark Helmut?  Space Balls?  I must have this!!!

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