Friday, February 13, 2015



One of my best friends is on an elimination diet to help her doctors figure stuff out with her health issues.  Last week she developed a craving for burgers. ( can't have beef, but can have wild game.. figure that one out)  Unlike most people, she felt that having a burger vicariously through someone else would help her craving.  So me, being her most carnivorous friend, obliged.  Curt and I went to the place that makes the second best burgers around here. (The best burgers are at Morris Tap & Grill in Randolph - but the rest of the menu there is so freakin' tempting, that it's hard to stay focused and order a burger)  So we went to Tiff's.  Tiff's uses fresh ground beef - want to know how you can be sure?  They will cook a very rare burger.  I don't trust places that medium rare is the lowest temperature they cook a burger to - there is a reason they don't trust their meat to rare.  After I told a medium rare eating friend my theories on this, he started asking if they do the burger rare when he goes out to eat, if they no - he orders something else, if they say yes, he orders medium rare and confuses the poor waitress.   The one thing I often wonder about - and I've asked people, no one I know has ordered one is what is a chicken shake??


So here's my bacon blue with mushrooms (seriously- I'll put a mushroom on almost anything)


I mean check this burger- it is amazing!


Curt had a good burger too- his had a fried egg on it, I do that a lot but not when I go blue cheese:


Another favorite there is the chipotle sauce they serve with their tater tots (tater tots are light years better than fries.  I've almost given up fries except a stolen one here or there, and sweet potato fries don't count, but tater tots??)  YUM , I get Curt to split them with me - and I kind of hog the sauce.


The only thing is I need someone to try their Nutella shake and tell me what that's like!!

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