Saturday, February 14, 2015

Not a fan...

Not a fan of Valentine's Day.  Too annoying.  I expect my husband to love me everyday.  I don't want roses, to me as soon as you cut them off a bush they are dead --- you are just waiting for them to rot.  In NJ in Feb you aren't getting an actual rose bush, so no roses for me.  I'm more of the one seriously dark chocolate truffle than a box full of chocolate, so no valentine hearts for me.  Most importantly, I will NEVER go out to eat on Valentine's Day.  Everyone is out to eat on Valentine's Day!  Restaurants are crowded, noisy, the food takes forever, and no matter how great your server is - it just is not a relaxing meal, not to mention even when you make reservations you wait forever!!! So, unless a spider shows up in my house - my husband has it easier than most on Valentine's Day.

The other annoying part of Valentine's Day is people who don't want to be single.  Many of them are the same one's who are not happy in a relationship.  I'm not one to give relationship advice, I don't have the same aim as most women I know, but seriously, a significant other isn't going to make your life happy and stisfying and fulfilling.  It's too much responsibility, no one can come through.  Make your life happy and satisfying and fulfilling and then find someone to share that with.   Life changes, things change, circumstances and health changes, a shared life can withstand that, expectations of the other person making your life what you want won't. Cupid is an idiot leading to false expectations.


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