Monday, October 12, 2015

Flew Frontier Airlines

So, this week I will finish sharing my recent trip to Chicago.  We flew Frontier Airlines out of Trenton/mercer County Airport.  It seemed convenient, since the Angie was flying with us and I really didn't want to fly out of Philly.  It was after I booked us for a 7am flight, that I  realized we'd have to leave the house at like 3am since that was too early for the Angie to get there.  So we spent about 6 hours Monday night at a hotel outside Philly.  The terminal is tiny.

But the parking was cheap (especially considering what I would have been paying in Philly)  and we parked about 250 yds from the terminal. Only 64 dollars for 8 days.

There were 2 gates, there was a jetway off to the side, so I am assuming there was a third gate somewhere??  TSA security was pretty quick and painless.  (When they say be at the gate no later than 15 minutes before your flight they mean it - we were taxiing 5 minutes before and flight time was wheels up)  When it was time to board, we walked out of the double door "gate" and across the tarmac to the plane which had a boarding ramp.  Some people I worked with asked if for the price I paid if we were getting a jet or Fred Flintstone's teradactyl -- I am pleased to say we got an Airbus 310 - so a decent sized jet.  Attendants were friendly and efficient getting everyone seated -- and I did what I always do - fall asleep.

Landing at O'Hare was smooth - it amuses me to taxi across the bridge that goes over a regular highway.  The weird thing (and I don't know if it was our flight, or Frontier's contract with the airport or just O'hare in general - haven't been there in over 25 years) was wen we land, we walk down a super long jetway that had like 3 or 4 bends ( I joked to the woman in front of us that hte fares were cheap because we landed in Ohio and were walking the rest of the way)  and then we walked out a gate. Where people were waiting for a flight.  In recent history when I fly we've walked out the jetway into an exit area that leads to baggage claim (truth be told - haven't done any connecting flights in years - so I don't know how people get to their next gate)   We didn't check luggage so we only had to find the trains into downtown Chicago.

We got to O'hare for the flight out pretty early, because I get paranoid about how long TSA will take, got Starbucks for the wait and even though rain was moving in everything went smooth.  ( I must admit I preferred the Pelican on the tail of the plane we flew in on because you know, bird, has wings, flies, to the Dolphin we flew out in - although I guess he didn't mind getting wet as much) Exiting the plane you go down the ramp and through a small building  baggage claim is in there - there is a rolling ramp - like trucks sometimes use to unload loose boxes - and the plane is about 20 feet away, so they open a steel door - move the other piece of ramp under the plane and send the luggage down. (at least it seems harder to misplace this way) To pay for parking and hit the restrooms, you walk back around and into the front of the terminal.

All in all, excellent naps both ways, and other than Trenton being an hour and a half away, I would totally consider flying them again, if I was going somewhere they flew from there. 

First two pictures were taken from Google, we got to the airport at 530am - it was too dark to take those shots.

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