Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weber's Grill Restaurant- should have posted Fri..screwed up the schedule thing

I've been dying to go to a Weber's restaurant ever since I saw them on a show (probably Food Network- don't remember) there was one relatively close to where we were wandering that Friday night, so we went for dinner.  There is an open kitchen when you walk through ( I wish I was sitting at one of the booths opposite where the waitstaff pick up orders so I could watch, but it may have gotten hectic ( I will tell you this - they have some kind of amazing exhaust ventilation system - you can smell the food grilling, but there isn't an smoke floating around)  I didn't take a picture but I glommed one off the net - there is a whole long line of grills that were maybe 4' in diameter!

I was surprised, because as much as I love grilled and bbq'd flesh, there is a certain expectation of a restaurant that specializes in this style of cooking.  Weber's was not that style.  They had really professional waitstaff, and it was really like eating at a very nice restaurant, that happened to specialize in feeding it's patrons grilled flesh.

The food and portions however were exactly what you expect!  The food was really, really, really good.  Couldn't finish half of what was on my plate though, and even though we were staying at a place with a full kitchen, I didn't take my leftovers because A. I would have to carry them around the rest of the night and B. I  knew we wouldn't be there to ever eat the leftovers and we'd toss them when we left anyway.

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