Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Two Debbie Macomber Books! Post one.

Dashing through the snow - Christmas novel time of year!  Ashley is trying to fly home to surprise her recently widowed mom in Seattle for Christmas (I think her last Christmas book - Mr Miracle had a recently widowed mom...)  Dash is trying to catch a flight to Seattle for a last minute job interview.  There are no seats on the plane, they won't put Ashley on standby and Dash can't take a chance.  They end up at the car rental counter and ... you guessed it, there is one rental car left.  They decide to share, bicker a lot, Ashley gets a homeless puppy at a rest stop for her mom, The FBI has a maniac who believes Ashley is a Homeland Security top ten most wanted criminal mastermind....

They get arrested, released, Dash misses his interview because he won't leave without Ashley, and they end up admitting they are in love...


  1. read it in a 2 hour afternoon, enjoyed it even though it was predictable, still haven't read the other one!

    1. I think that sometimes the predictability is what I sometimes want in a quick relaxing read....


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