Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Go Card chicago

Smart Destinations have Go Cards for a lot of major cities.  We bought the all inclusive 5 day pass.  There are smaller packages - but really the pass covered almost everything we wanted to see in Chicago.  (also several of the venues had special deals for Go Cards - expedited lines or freebies!)  If you are going to a city for general sight seeing I strongly recommend it.

The last night before the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier was to be taken down for renovations, it was going to be running all night.  It would be free after midnight, but the GoCard had it covered.  (we ended up not going on - we arrived at about 10 and the line was already just insane - guestimate of 4 hours - and we decided that we had ridden other Ferris wheels, and since we weren't from the area we had no sentimental feelings about a "last ride".  Since we knew we would be out way past my bedtime, and because there was no way I was doing the lean out thing at the Hancock building's 360 experience, Curt and the Angie went while I stayed back and took a nap!  This was also covered by the card.

There are several tour cruises covered by the card, we only ended up taking one- the Architecture river tour.  It was a great tour, we all enjoyed it.  I think our tour guide Paul was a big part, several times we passed another tour boat going in the other way and those guides sounded like they were just droning on and on and on...  the passengers seemed comatose.  Paul was fun, and opinionated (Trump Tower was gorgeous until the giant letters were attached)

It was a great view from the river

I can't even imagine backing into these parking slots!

If you can see it was pretty hazy and as the tour was winding down, there were clouds descending to cover the tops of the buildings, so we postponed our trip to the Willis (Sears) Tower to there observation deck.  

We did go to the Museum of Contemporary Art.... ugh... a lot of time I look at the art and say - I could do that!  This museum was mostly "why would I want to?"  for example - covering an old school desk with felt carpet pad is art???

(you may notice - I pulled some of the pictures from my snapchat story)
Trying to be positive about the experience (and to be honest, the Angie is clearly more cultured than I am - she liked the museums)  This mural is made of all different styles and colors of shoelaces:

And this is what you make when your button collection gets out of control ( does Jen still look at my blog?)

More on the GoCard tomorrow - don't want to inundate you .

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