Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More go Card Fun!!

We went to the Art Institute of Chicago, and discovered that my friends that run demolition derby cars should be painting the wreckage not scrapping it  - they could be artists!!

The Art Institute did have some cool things - like ancient weapons and armor.

There is a tradition/running joke in our family that every vacation we go on we manage somehow to find a cannon and take the Angie's picture in front of it (when she went on a cruise last summer she saw a cannon on one of the islands they stopped at and had her picture taken in front of that one too!)

We found painted "photo bombs" from the 17th century - the artist would paint his benefactor into the corner of the painting - and non too subtle - truly a photo bomb!

I did my own series of pictures of painters.... here are a couple... it amused me, I didn't want to dampen the Angie's fun.

The Natural History Museum was also on the GoCard

What really fascinated me though, was this giant rock in a tiny tree:

We also hit the Shedd Aquarium,  I guess I'm spoiled having been to some amazing aquariums in other cities, and while this one can't even come close to Baltimore - it was a fun place - and I learned from a biologist's standpoint - frogs and toads are the same animal...

Yes, there is still more stuff we did off of the GoCard - so another post tomorrow!

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