Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lincoln Park Zoo

We were in the Lincoln Park section of Chicago so we decided to visit the zoo.  There is a big zoo in Chicago but it isn't near anything else we were visiting so we didn't make it over there.  I suppose we are a little bit spoiled in that most of the zoos we have visited are pretty big.  The Lincoln Park Zoo is a free zoo and we figured it would be a fun way to spend an hour or two, and if we didn't get to everything that would be ok.

 The entry arch was the most impressive thing about the zoo.  Most of the zoo was kind of sad.  Many of the exhibits were closed for maintenance (maybe the end of summer is not the best time to visit this sort of in the park zoo)  Many of the exhibits were like playing where's Waldo - but at least you know Waldo is in there somewhere.  I really felt sorry for the cats.

 There was A beaver swimming around yes singular ( there was a seal in another tank I didn't take a picture of)

 There were two bears, one was in the back eating flowers, the other was napping in a "log"
A couple of hyenas
And a rhino
Sad zoo.  I guess if I lived in the area, it would be ok to pop in and out if the kids are bored, but I wouldn't make a special trip out there.

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