Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sights of Chicago (should have posted Saturday - screwed up the schedule button)

I have some pictures I want to share, but none of them are really full post material, so just some quick captions.

On our first day, while wandering around waiting to check in, we found the Millennium Fountain for Curt (sigh I married someone who likes the show Married With Children.. sigh)

 Skyline from the fountain

Grew up hearing about Route 66
The Public Library near the Loop.
We stayed in the white building just to the right.
Our window looked out at the library just where the brick turns to copper and glass
There were several of these heads across from one of the Starbucks I kept walking in...and walking out with coffee...
If you look very carefully at the fountain tower on the left you can see that faces get projected on the tiles, some move, some don't and then there is a new face. It looked really cool at night, but we were driving past in an Uber at the time so no pictures of the night view. (Yup the Angie)
Another head (and the Angie) did the Easter Islanders all move to Chicago?
The Bean
Shot from under The Bean
The Burberry building is faced to match it's new bags!
Water Station
View from Museum Campus across the Harbour.  Museum campus sticks out a bit into the lake.
Wow!  This is a long post!  More later!

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