Friday, August 28, 2009

Fan Car

Kenny Wallace (the only Wallace worth notice) decided to have a fan sponsored car for the race in Montreal this weekend. I like Kenny - he's hysterical to listen to, he does the NASCAR pre-race show so I watch him every race weekend. Ever since I found out you could follow people on Twitter in Gogglereader ( no I don't tweet - won't be tweeting) I've been reading his tweets. Talk about random trains of thought, but periodically he's really sweet and tweets about how much he misses his wife on the road, or how much he loves his wife.

Any way, me being the race geek bought a sponsorship. We made the hood!! We are 30 rows from the bottom, the second name from the left. So if you watch the race, root for Kenny!!


  1. Two things: I didn't think the next NASCAR race was until 9/6? And how do you follow tweets in google reader? I wanna see what you are sponsoring :)

  2. NASCAR has several series. The premiere series the Sprint Cup is off this weekend. The Nationwide series is like the minor leagues (although a few Cup drivers will be racing tomorrow)

    To follow a tweet in google reader - here's my kenny wallace example just hit the box that says add a subscription and it will be Basically after the / put in the twitter name.


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