Sunday, August 23, 2009

I have nothing to say.

Really, nothing at all. the weather has been really hot, humid and muggy. It sucks And drains all the life out of me. Three different afternoons last week I ended up taking a 2-3 hour nap after my shower after work. Friday, I took Angie to lunch at Panera's, went to Target for some stuff, went to Borders to get the new issue of Simply Knitting - my favorite Brit mag. Angie "wasn't in the mood" to shop ( she thinks I'm going to give her my card and let her loose with her friends - not!) but Curt thought we'd be there longer so came to the mall, so we had dinner at East Cafe - Angie and I had sushi (if you get more than $20 it's 50% off) curt got 2 pieces of sushi and chicken teriyaki. yup, that was my most exciting afternoon/evening all week.

Last night was the race at Bristol - not talking about it. And the 49ers played the Raiders at the same time!! Came really close to a stroke - the 49ers were losing for most of the game and we aren't even talking about Tony.

Today - is still hot and humid despite all the rain we had yesterday so grocery shopping was the only thing I accomplished outside of the house today. I did make a peach cobbler - came out kinda weird (I blame the humidity) but it tasted good.cobbler

The heat and sun have been good for my container garden, I've been getting so many hot peppers, I've been dicing and freezing them and I'll be making - pesto again probably tomorrow. ALso getting tons of cherry, sweet 100's and grape tomatoes. The heirloom tomatoes are finally fruiting but it will be a week at least before they ripen.



knitting wise I turned the heel on Angie's sock. I'm still on the set up rows of my moms shawl - I'm at 110ish stitches and I need to get to 159 before the pattern actually starts. I've joined a few swaps out of sheer ennui, one is a spa cloth swap, one is a 12 month dishcloth swap - send a dish cloth to a different group member every month - my month I'll get 11 cloths from them, A cotton scrap round robin - cotton scraps and extras are sent from person to person - whatever you take out you replace with something else, I think I signed up for a NASCAR knitters swap - haven't gotten a partner or anything yet so that's on the back burner. In four weeks when we find out who is on top of the Race to the Chase I'll have to send out a package (My driver, the serial killer as we dubbed him - Clint Boyer is definitely not in contention) We'll see which driver I get for the actual Chase. And I signed up for next season's Dancing with the Stars group - we'll see who I get there.

I'm done with the spa swap, but can't post pictures as I don't even know who my partner is yet. I am almost done with my first dishcloth, but also can't post until they receive it.

Hope I haven't bored you to sleep.
Have a great week!!


  1. The race was the pits :( Your garden is going great guns. Love it :) Who cares what the peach cobbler came out looking looks delicious :) Have a great Sunday and a better race next week :)

  2. we just got home and the weather is still the pits still so humid and with this damn cold I can't breath for crap I think I need an overhaul where is Chip Foose when you need him.
    Tom made peach cobbler 2 days in a row, one for us, one for joanne's tonight.

    The baby hat is over a sphere candleholder I have. I am afraid its going to be too small, so I may knit another before the baby comes and send this to the preemie group

  3. Your garden looks fabulous! I am so jealous. Everything dried up here. The drought and water rationing took its toll. Looking forward to your swap photos.


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