Monday, August 10, 2009

Rain delayed race at Watkins Glen

Tony Won the Race!!
Although no one was sure if he would have enough gas to finish. I swear when I die it will be of a stroke or heart attack while watching NASCAR! Do you think Curt would get me a coffin with a 14 color scheme?? Well, it turned out ok, he had enough gas for the last lap and a burnout in the end. 5 wins in the last 8 races at the Glen! Two different teams! Two different manufacturers! Tony Rocks!

picture from Nascar,com


  1. yeah tony!!!!! I can see your coffin now and its a beaut Ria, its a beaut!

  2. Congrats. My boy Jeff. Poor thing

  3. Congrats to Tony!!! I am glad you survived the suspense of the race. Tony does indeed Rock!


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