Monday, August 31, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows that I put the fanatic in the word fan in any sport I follow. As such I will live and die by the 49ers in football (not easy these past several years) and will never be swayed. ( I have an uncanny ability of attracting Cowboy fans ... sigh... but try as they may I'm a san fran girl all the way) That being said, I am firstly a fan of football. Great football. I have some pretty high standards when I look outside the Bay, but there have been and will be players that I must tip my hat to, even when they play for a despicable team. One of said players has retired. Even to people who are not fans of the gridiron can find inspiration in a guy who is all heart out on the football field. The man even came back from a stroke several years ago. It is kind of rough for me, to see these guys retiring because they are getting too old and it takes too long to get over the pain and yet they are more than half a decade younger than me.

Good Luck Tedy! Thanks for the memories! I will miss you on the field!

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