Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I finally have veggies!

cucumbers, peppers

tomatoes, peppers

Those peppers on top are called cowhorns - does anyone know how to use them? I never grew them before. I may end up dicing and freezing some of these peppers, I have more to pick tomorrow.



Has anyone grown okra before?? I never have. First off, I was told the plants would be 4 feet tall - see I even was prepared with bamboo stakes. I guess with all the rain they are stunted. They are barely 13 inches tall! But now I realize I do not know how to tell when they are ready to be picked. I sent pics to my FIL -- He grows them every summer.


  1. I have never tried okra in a container but I do have okra in my garden this year and I did last year and yes okra can get very tall in the ground. I am not sure about in a container.

  2. Your veggies are beautiful! The cowhorns look interesting. Let us know how they taste.


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